The unique band

for the unique person

The unique band

for the unique person

Our Story

Our story starts with a totally God inspired idea. From creating something so unique, to establishing a patent on our design, we have been completely God led. He has blessed our company beyond our imaginations. All of our watchbands are unique pieces, for unique people, to express themselves. Every piece is handmade with love, and every band goes out with a Word Of Truth, Matthew 24:42. 

We are not a mass produced product. We are a small group of creative souls expressing ourselves through our work. Every design starts with a pen and paper and comes to life by the hands of our amazing silversmiths. Our product is 100% made in the U.S. We believe in our products and have a life long warranty and guarantee. 

We want you to love your band and our brand as much as we do. We are small, but we believe God is going to use us in so many ways! Thank you for supporting a girl with a dream, her three dogs and horse. Your business and support is greatly appreciated and never overlooked. 

Keep watchin’ y’all!
Natalie Paige

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